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The game of silly creations
& sillier arguments!

It’s Alive! is a ridiculous party game where you create silly characters and then pitch them for silly situations. Who would make the best bodyguard? Will it be Penny the Pen or Mr. Flippy the Spatula? Use your character’s traits to build its personality and prove it’s the best!

Who’s the grooviest dance partner?

1. Create your persona!

First, everyone must create a googly persona out of an object from their surroundings using the googly eye stickers. Then everyone introduces themselves as their googly persona!

2. Judge draws a target!

The judge for the round draws a card with the round's target and spends up to a minute to build on the scenario. In this case, how will the assassin attack?

3. Pitch your persona!

One by one, everyone then pitches their googly persona to the judge, arguing how they best fulfil the pitch target. After everyone's pitched, there's time for some chaotic free debate!

4. judge decides!

The judge makes their decision and awards the most convincing googly persona with the card, counting as 1 point. The judge rotates for the next round and the game continues!

We’re super excited to launch on Kickstarter later this year and we want to keep you posted once we’re live!

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It’s Alive! is designed by Studio PLAYFOOL. Based in Tokyo and London, we create award-winning products and experiences that cultivate play and creativity.

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